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My Future Purpose is a multi-faceted membership organization founded by Joyce Cohen and Vicki Thomas who are committed to growing the Purpose Movement.

Upcoming Purpose Workshop

Jan Hively on how the Pass It On Network is sharing information about positive aging to help themselves, each other and their communities.

Upcoming Purpose Workshop

Jan Hively shares information about positive aging.


My Future Purpose helps individuals, professionals and organizations harness the power of purpose through workshops, programs, discussions, book recommendations, ongoing dialogue, and our blog and newsletter.

Twice monthly Pause For Purpose Programs feature guests who live their purpose by pursuing their dreams. They are involved in causes that matter, from entrepreneurship to personal enjoyment and all points in between. Subjects range from tracking bears in Alaska, to updating COVID vaccines.

Causes are born of personal and professional loss, to cancer research, art, and being curious enough to create a YouTube library of videos about surviving the movies.

As more sessions are facilitated, more exciting ideas are captured  enabling our collective purpose to inspire yours!


Our Propose Is To Inspire You To Become Better

About Us

Vicki Thomas won a $100,000 Purpose Prize in 2013 from Nearing retirement she pursued her purpose using her expertise to help two veteran nonprofits get on the map by placing national and local media stories about veterans needing housing solutions.

The Perks of Membership Only $99.OO ANNUALLY less than a cup of coffee a Week

Purpose Workshops are one-hour discussions that meets every other Wednesday 4-5 PM EST via Zoom. This feature, formerly known as Pause for Purpose, has moved to a more interactive format to include discussions, breakout rooms, and more.

Articles of Interest

Category : Finding Purpose

30'Oct 2022

Animal Rescue by Me and You

Support wildlife, preserve wild spaces and prevent animal cruelty.


30'Oct 2022

Miracle Moments

Albert Einstein said “There are only two ways to live your life.


30'Oct 2022

On Being Gutsy

To see your purpose through takes courage. To have courage takes guts and…

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My Future Purpose helps individuals, professionals and organizations harness the power of purpose by providing weekly featured guests on its popular Pause for Purpose series and Meeting of the Minds, a facilitated gathering of My Future Purpose members which combines Timely Topics and Bring Your Own Idea (BYOI). The new format respects Zoom fatigue and provides time for idea exchange/collaboration. Members discuss current subjects while continuing to build a collaborative community.