The Magic of Mentors

Most of us need mentors–positive role models to learn from, share life concerns and help us stay on a path that matters to us. They can help us learn a new skill, find our voice, support our ideas, diminish a concern, focus on a purpose or provide the opportunity. A … Read More

Overcoming Procrastination

Procrastination—an ineffective habit for many of us—comes from the Latin for “tomorrow” (cras).  Highly effective people tend to take care of whatever is in front of them promptly and not put it off. One payoff of diminishing the procrastinating habit is peace of mind. Another is easier accomplishments of tasks.  … Read More

Retain – Don’t Resign

According to Harvard Business Review writer, Ian Cook, there has been a global tidal wave of over 67 million resignations in the US, across US industries, which has continued from 2020 into 2022. Those who tend to resign are experienced, mid-level professionals, with training, up-to-date skill sets or younger workers … Read More

Healthy Humor Heals

Meet Karen McCarty, Co-founder and Artistic Director of Healthy Humor, a comedy group of doctor- clowns who cheer up sick children in hospitals around the country.  Karen grew up in the circus, and as a child she suffered cancer, which later informed her career choice of reaching out to sick … Read More

Why is Telling Your Story Important?

Dr. Lewis Thomas, physician, author, poet, researcher quipped that human-beings are a narrative species.  We can’t help ourselves. We tell stories all the time through dialogue, songs, art, dance, plays, jokes, writing and speaking. Every story has a purpose whether for entertainment, edification, fun or any other reason. The motives … Read More

Building a Workplace that Hums

THE CHANGING WORKPLACE The workplace has altered in the past two years as never experienced in the recent decades. Applying for a job is more impersonal than ever before. For example, applications now follow an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and even many job interviews are conducted remotely using Zoom technology, … Read More

Working Remotely – Is It For You?

In the latter half of 2021, 45% of full-time employees continued to work from home while 20% worked at home part-time (Gallup 2022).   Two thirds (67%) of employees who held white-collar jobs worked at home exclusively. Remote working continues to grow allowing workers to live their purposeful lifestyle involving home, … Read More


I met Connie Zweig, author of The Inner Work of Age: Shifting from Role to Soul at a recent Life Planning Network gathering. She has also written several other books  dealing with shadow work. All of her work is available on Amazon.  As guest speaker, Connie emphasized that as we … Read More


In order to escape growing violence in her native Ethiopia, Juweria’s mother sought a safe place to raise her family. They found their way to England and Sweden where she grew up and was schooled. Her mother inspired her to learn languages. Every day they spoke a different language at … Read More


In this day and age, travel has become more difficult for some people.  However, there are vicarious ways to get out of your armchair metaphorically. Here are some tips: Pull out boxes of old photos from trips. As you sort them and toss out duplicates, bad exposures, or people you … Read More

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