I Quit! - Now What?


2021 was the year of the Great Resignation.
Find out what happens after quitting
in this
four part audio series.

Hosted by Joyce Cohen and Vicki Thomas,
Co-founders, My Future Purpose


Dr Beverly Kaye

Dr. Beverly Kaye's name is recognized internationally as a professional dedicated to helping individuals, managers and organizations understand the practical “how to” principles of employee development, engagement and retention. Her books, tools and learning materials have stood the test of time.

Jason Lauritsen

Jason Lauritsen’s advice and teachings are informed by decades of experience as an entrepreneur, corporate executive, and employee engagement researcher. His writing and insights have been described as a “secret weapon” by leaders who strive to create amore engaging and human work experience for their people.

Wayne Bragg

Wayne Bragg teaches with the Executive MBA program at University of Connecticut School of Business. He is a former corporate executive with 30 years leadership experience in finance and accounting . From factory floor to classroom to court room, Wayne is a proven effective business communicator with excellent team building and interpersonal skills who works well with individuals at all levels in diverse venues.

Cat Davis

Cat Davis quit her job where for nine years she served as a trauma clinician at the Post Traumatic Stress Center of New Haven, CT. Cat is a registered drama therapist and board certified trainer with the North American Association of Drama Therapists. She earned her real estate license and is the happiest she has ever been in charge of her own destiny.

What will you learn ?
How to...

  • Solve problems – what executives want
  • Advance your career from an Executive MBA perspective
  • Determine if a company is the right fit for you
  • Build and maintain connections and relationships
  • Discover purpose in your profession
  • Recognize that work contracts are changing, and the employee is holding the pen
  • Evaluate your equity – before you quit
  • Realize that time is the currency of relationships


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