Aging in America

Aging in America

“There is a beautiful story to be told for the life we are here to experience and the journey we choose for ourselves.”

These words, written by Lauren Watts, describe the path of two young entrepreneurs who came together to form Dovetail Companies, a Boston based firm devoted to easing transitions for seniors in later years.

For Erin DeCarlo, some of her fondest childhood memories revolved around time with her grandparents, Nanny and Da. They were not stereotypical Hallmark grandparents. Da was a WWII veteran with the physical and emotional scars carried by veterans of that era. Nanny was a kind, compassionate, dutiful wife and mother. They blessed Erin with a solid sense of family and the priority it takes over all else. After divorce of Erin’s parents, she found solace and peace with her grandparents. There was a structured comfort that felt familiar and nurturing. Erin knew she was important and loved beyond measure. They helped to anchor and guide her and unwittingly launch her into a purposeful future career.

Lauren Watts came to Dovetail from a different path. After working in the corporate world for several years, she wanted to make an impact in a more personal way. That led her to a New England based assisted living facility, and after working and earning several certifications, she found her calling helping older adults. During that time, she met Erin DeCarlo and the Dovetail story began. Erin saw the professionalism, caring style that Lauren exhibited in her work and knew this was a relationship to nurture.  As Lauren says, that’s when I met my “senior soul sister.”

At Dovetail Companies, Erin and Lauren are shifting the way we view and support aging in America. While they do this in a variety of ways, the greatest gift they give and receive daily is to provide education, space, empowerment, and assistance that people need to make informed decisions and support living their best life.

Erin and Lauren feel blessed to have found their purpose and their passion during the first half of their lives. Through trial and error of supporting family members through various life transitions, those insights and experiences gave them the background and the motivation to know that this is the direction they wanted to steer their own careers.

Whether one is in planning stages or finds themselves in a crisis, Dovetail Companies take on the heavy lifting so the client can focus on embracing and working through emotional aspects of their next chapter.

Erin and Lauren meet people wherever they are in life, connect with their story, and devise a plan that best suits their unique needs.

That may involve downsizing, organizing, coaching, counseling, selling a home, relocating and much more.  Regardless, Erin, Lauren and their team happily tackle it all. Visit them at