August Musings

August Musings

Waning days of summer remind me of a time to reflect on purposeful things I want to do for me this season. My mind goes to all things yellow like corn on the cob, butter, squash, daffodils, buzzing bees and so many other yellow things. As Ezra Pound says, “The paired butterflies are already yellow with August…”

This, the last official summer month, is to be enjoyed to the max. Knowing that autumn isn’t far in the distance, now is the time to take stock or what matters to you during these precious weeks.

Questions for self:

What did I forget that I wanted to do this summer?
Did I get in that sail, that swim, that hike, that book I wanted to read?
Did I visit that favorite spot to enjoy sunrise and sunset?
Did I remember to photograph a field of late-summer flowers?
Did I tackle an outdoor project that is calling my name?
Did I have enough picnics?

If not, it’s time!