Between Jobs? Meet NATALIE KERRIGAN at

Between Jobs? Meet NATALIE KERRIGAN at

With millions of people out of work, many are asking “Do I even want to return to what I was doing? Or, I feel trapped where I am but I fear taking a risk to look elsewhere in such an uncertain environment. I feel fairly safe here, but there is no joy anymore in what I do. If not this job, what might I do next?” These are questions that Natalie helps people explore in her role as Chief of Staff of Indeed’s Recruiting Solutions at

Natalie, herself, has been on a purpose and passion pilgrimage which spanned 20+ years. Her path to Indeed included a 12 year ‘run’ with Nike, 5 years with Whole Foods/Amazon and 2 years with Dell Technologies. She held various Supply Chain, Product Management and Engineering leadership roles and delivered key strategic initiatives including the launch of Nike+Digital Sport platform and the creation of Whole Foods’ Prime Savings rewards program.

Natalie has both an MBA and a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Lehigh University. Her roots are in Pennsylvania although she headed to the Northwest to Nike and then to Texas for her roles at Dell and now

There are currently 11.6 million people unemployed in the United States looking for a job that brings together personal and professional goals that align with ones’ purpose in life.”

With those staggering numbers in mine, is a job board that permits the job seeker to view postings from many sources, allowing users to search for specific positions. It uses a meta search engine that aggregates job postings from thousands of websites and employment firms, including company career web pages and recruiting firms.

Since 2004, Indeed has given job seekers free access to millions of jobs from thousands of company websites and job boards. As the leading pay-for-performance recruitment advertising network, indeed drives millions of targeted applicants to jobs in every field and is the most cost-effective source of candidates for thousands of companies.

Natalie has earned trust and respect with each environment where she works. The bases of that earned trust? Her ability to collaborate across departments, influence decisions which are required for change and change is all we can count on these days.

  • Natalie’s tips on responding to this topsy-turvy environment we are living in?
  • *Never run FROM a job but rather TO a job. Keep pipelines open for opportunities.
  • *Look for growth:  Search internally for where you want to be; plant seeds to get there.
  • *Identify your natural gifts and seek environments/positions that allow you to flourish.
    • Ex:  If you enjoy a global environment, ensure you move to organizations with that potential.
  • “Take the teacher not the class.” It makes the world of difference.

Ask yourself what you really want in a career and does your current environment offer it? Ex: location, cultural mix, ability to use certain skills and what is near and dear to Natalie, the opportunity to fulfill my “purpose and my passion” which is what led her to Indeed.