Miracle Moments

Miracle Moments

Albert Einstein said “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle, and the other is as though everything is a miracle.

I was at a meeting in Providence, RI a while ago and my client asked, “Have you been in touch with people you went to grade school with?” I hadn’t considered the thought until that moment.  Driving home, I asked myself, “Who do I remember from grade school?”  A few names popped into mind. One was Chrissy Waltman, a friend from grades 1 through 6 when I lived in Pennsylvania.  Arriving home, I checked voicemails from the previous week.  There on the answering machine was the following message: “HI!  My name is Christine XXXXX XXXXX and I live in Philadelphia and am trying to find Joyce Cohen, a friend from elementary school decades ago. Please call back. Here is my number.

Shocked and totally taken off guard, I didn’t return the call for several days. When I finally did, I found out that Christine, who indeed was the one I knew from childhood, had a friend who lived very near me.  Christine came to visit her shortly thereafter,  and the three of us had the best 4-hour lunch imaginable. Some would call this event mere coincidence, but for me, it was a true miracle. Our lunch conversation brought to mind other coincidences and rekindled friendships from years gone by.  Just thinking about the experience gives me goosebumps.

We can train ourselves to be sensitized to the advent of miracles that life is composed of. Regardless of personal circumstances, here are everyday examples of miraculous occurrences surrounding us:

A shooting star, a double rainbow, sunrise and sunset, first frost glistening on countryside and trees,  sunlit autumn foliage at it peak , birth of a child, and so many more.  The higher our awareness, the more alive we are.

What events have happened in your life that you recall as miracle moments or that you observed as miraculous?