Become a member of My Future Purpose
Annual cost: $99.00

Our goal is to help My Future Purpose members discover their purpose and joy in life

  • 40 Pause for Purpose Guests Wednesdays 4-5 PM (EST) Register each week in our Members Section
  • Two monthly Zoom gatherings: descriptions below:
    • Build Community together; discuss pertinent topics, expand, grow with lifelong learners.
    • Bring Your Own Idea; big or little, crystallize thinking; group serves as sounding board.
  • Articles, studies, inspirational stories/quotes delivered to your inbox regularly to stay informed and ahead of the curve.
  • Quarterly workshops – Career, Purpose, Diving into A Full Life
    • Career – Finding Work and Finding Purpose -Assess natural talents, bridge purpose /career, move forward with confidence and the power of possibilities.
    • Purpose – Create renewed purpose, a meaningful plan, and a vision board to stay on target.
    • Diving into a Full Life – Honor the past, create the future; net life’s riches, embrace eight life dimensions, chart an enticing course designed by you.

Four fee-based benefits below are discounted for My Future Purpose members:

  • Coaching with certified life coach to focus on personal interests/concerns.
  • Retreats in a Box / Do it yourself Enjoy friends, affinity groups, family; customize components from workshops above to meet individual/group goals.
  • Customized Group Programs – Integrate valuable content from workshops above for groups where you already belong (alumni, spiritual, community, clubs).
  • Bounty at the Beach with fellow adventurers. Unwind, refresh, share natural gifts, make new waves. Destination weekends offered (post COVID) at idyllic locations with facilitated workshops, luscious meals, evening fire pit discussions.
Membership Option Coming VERY Soon!