Become a member of My Future Purpose
Annual cost: $99.00

Our goal is to help My Future Purpose members discover their purpose and joy in life

(Following bullet points are Included in Primed for Purpose virtual event held quarterly)

  • Explore passions you hold dear
  • Consider career options – obvious and obscure
  • Identify what it takes to become an advocate
  • Contemplate opportunities to volunteer
  • Reinvent yourself after reorganization, layoff, burn out or boredom
  • Transition from career to new chapters
  • Reflect on what is needed and how you can make a difference

Members will be invited to:

  • Participate virtually in Pause for Purpose discussions every Wed. at 4:00 PM (ET) led by a discussion leader who discovered their purpose
  • Attend streaming services tailored to purpose topics
  • View or listen to a catalog of Pause for Purpose sessions archived on the website
  • Receive discounted rates to upcoming virtual and on-site Primed for Purpose events featuring authors, speakers, panel discussions and workshops
  • *Host a Retreat-In-a-Box virtually with friends, colleagues or family
  • *Join Diving into Purpose workshop; explore 8 life dimensions focusing on top priorities 

Ongoing programs available 

  • Regular stories, articles and research about living your purpose
  • Weekly - My Future Purpose news and information
  • *1 -1 coaching as requested
  • *Affinity groups plan for Purpose
  • *Summer – a Day at the Beach
  • *Autumn – Focus amid Foliage
  • *Winter – Heart(h) and Fire
  • *Spring – New Beginnings
  • *Mentor program for younger generations
  • *Discounted rates to Purpose at the beach – (Once COVID is under control) Destination trips with skilled faculty leaders facilitating workshops, luscious meals, and evening firepit discussions focused on where you are in life and what’s next

NOTE: * denotes fee programs