• QUARTERLY WORKSHOPS  |   Career, Purpose, Diving into A Full Life
  • CAREER  |  Finding Work and Finding Purpose - Assess natural talents, bridge purpose/career, move forward with confidence and the power of possibilities.
  • PURPOSE  |  Create renewed purpose, a meaningful plan, and a vision board to stay on target.
  • DIVING INTO A FULL LIFE  |  Honor the past, create the future; net life’s riches, embrace 8 life dimensions, chart an enticing course designed by you.

Only $99 Annually.
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The PERKS of Membership!

Primed for Purpose  |  Pause for Purpose
Included with EVERY Membership

Plus discounts on the fee-based benefits below:

  • 1-ON-1 COACHING with certified life coach to focus on personal interests/concerns.
  • RETREATS IN A BOX  |  Do it yourself. Enjoy friends, affinity groups, family; customize components from workshops above to meet individual/group goals.
  • CUSTOMIZED GROUP PROGRAMS  |  Integrate valuable content from workshops above + additional components for groups where you already belong (alumni, spiritual, community, clubs).
  • BOUNTY AT THE BEACH with fellow adventurers. Unwind, refresh, share natural gifts, make new waves. Destination weekends offered (post-Covid designed by you).
  • 40 PAUSE FOR PURPOSE GUESTS Wednesdays 4-5 PM (EST) Register for each session in our Members Only Area.

Build Community Together; discuss pertinent topics, expand, grow with lifelong learners
BYOI... Bring Your Own Idea... BIG or little... crystallize thinking; group serves as sounding board.

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If you would like to sample a complimentary Pause for Purpose session prior to joining,
please send us an email to request a link to an upcoming event.