Who you are today is not who you will be in the future. Your interests are fluid and evolve as you grow throughout your life.

Discovering your purpose is not a slam dunk journey. In fact, it can be frustrating because it is not always easy as you run into obstacles along the way.

What will it take to pursue your purpose?

Develop your passion

to pursue your purpose.

Some people are fortunate to hear a calling and fluently pursue their purpose.  They are very focused and know what they want. Most of us, however, spend a long time searching for our purpose

At various stages throughout our lives we may ask: “What should I do with my life?”

Follow your skill sets – what are you good at?  Make your talents work for you.

VOLUNTEER FOR A CAUSE | Begin by volunteering for a cause that interests you.  You might find your skill sets, learned over the years, to be helpful.  Contribute to that cause with your acquired talents.  You will almost certainly make a difference to that cause.

AUDIT A CLASSTo discover your purpose, sign up for or audit a class on a subject of your interest.

CONNECT WITH OTHERSSet up discovery meetings to learn from others who discovered their purpose.  Ask a lot of questions, but most of all be prepared to listen, take notes and learn.

Don’t give up.  Don’t second guess your decision.  Remain focused and determined.

STAY TUNEDFor updates on future purpose conferences and workshops.