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The Adventure of Entrepreneurship

While on the path toward purpose, many options can take you in unlimited directions plus the potential you see that hasn’t been created yet. Remember hula hoops, pool noodles, Pac-Man, smile faces, pet rocks, Cabbage Patch dolls, and hundreds of other “must haves” that became the latest craze in growing … Read More

Creating a Customized Cover Letter

When conducting a job search, the cover letter is placed on top of the resume much like a tablecloth covers a dining table. Regardless of your background, it introduces you as organized, serious about the job, and well spoken. It establishes connection with the reader. It shows you are interested, … Read More

Aging Purposefully

A reader asked, “What people age with ease, and how do they do it?” Recent books on “positive aging” are filled with information about this increasingly vital and valuable subject. Develop longevity habits early and make them part of everyday living. Habits that people who age successfully are: Simplify; declutter … Read More

A Curiosity Conversation

A reader asked, “How do you find out about a potential job environment if you don’t know anyone who works there?”  One suggestion is to arrange a “curiosity conversation,” which is similar to an informational interview. When you speak with someone who knows about an organization you are interested in, … Read More


There are many reasons why volunteerism is important. Volunteering combines people’s desire to do good, serve a meaningful cause, engage their skills and interests, and offer skills to share with and benefit the community. People of all ages worldwide are contributing millions of hours to improve communities.  According to the … Read More

ADVOCACY: Activism Everyone Can Embrace

Advocacy refers to taking action to support, inform, express a point of view or fight for a cause. Advocacy enthusiasts impact families, communities, states, the country and the world. Those who practice advocacy can ensure that topics are heard and acted upon. Advocates do the following which is just the … Read More

Can Good Come from Loss?

Coping with the loss of someone or something you love is one of life’s biggest challenges. After a period of grief – which is different for everyone – the task is to recover from helplessness, sorrow, anger and overwhelming sadness and become stronger. The physical body provides an analogy to … Read More

Doing & Being

Almost everyone has interests and hobbies. We can define interests as enduring subjects that we dive deeply into, as opposed to hobbies, which might be light pastimes.  One woman who has eclectic interests and hobbies is Jane Freeman who has been a personal friend for decades.  Jane is a painter … Read More

Becoming Invisible

Have you ever walked into a room where you know no one and you scan the room for a familiar face? These comments are addressed to women and men of a Certain Age who find themselves clutching cocktail glasses and gazing around the room for a prospective conversationalist.  On occasion, … Read More

Re-evaluating Your Job

This topic won’t quit. By 2021,  almost half of employees were considering taking new jobs or planning to leave. Have you noticed all the people who are quitting their jobs? Harvard Business Review (March, 2022) called it the “Great Resignation” or the “Great Rethink.“ Because of the pandemic, the world … Read More

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