Becoming Invisible

Have you ever walked into a room where you know no one and you scan the room for a familiar face? These comments are addressed to women and men of a Certain Age who find themselves clutching cocktail glasses and gazing around the room for a prospective conversationalist.  On occasion, we may feel ignored, overlooked, neglected in the company of newer, shinier models.  Getting older takes extra work to stay socially viable.  Here are 12 ways to avoid social Invisibility and enhance your chances of becoming comfortable where you know no one and you want to make the best of the situation.

  • Be interested & interesting
  • Cultivate your sense of humor; it can be your best friend
  • Stay current about world events
  • Show interest in others; initiate conversation
  • Dress well and age appropriately
  • Take an interest in people who are younger and older than yourself
  • Stay curious about life
  • Respect your life; show pride in your interests/activities
  • Engage those who also seek conversation
  • Reciprocate social invitations with small gifts, thank you notes, your own invitations
  • Always speak kindly of others and avoid gossip
  • Cultivate self-confidence and social graces

Above all, stay upbeat and optimistic. Going out of your way may invite meeting interesting people. Love yourself, and know that, when the evening ends,  the best company of all may be a turn inward.