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Rejecting Rejection

Most of us have been rejected at some point in our lives, like when we were not chosen for a team, dismissed, refused, overlooked, not accepted, not believed, or not taken seriously. Rejection can lead to feelings of being hurt, inferiority, withdrawal, sadness, rage, revenge, bullying, etc. The National Library … Read More

ADVOCACY: Activism Everyone Can Embrace

Advocacy refers to taking action to support, inform, express a point of view or fight for a cause. Advocacy enthusiasts impact families, communities, states, the country and the world. Those who practice advocacy can ensure that topics are heard and acted upon. Advocates do the following which is just the … Read More

DR. CYNTHIA BARNETT…I’m Not Done Yet…and You Shouldn’t Be Either

Cynthia Barnett is a Life Coach and educator with over 30 years of experience in educational environments. She has taught from kindergarten through university levels. Cynthia honed her vast skills from classroom management, innovative curriculum design, and through coaching students, parents, teachers, and administrators as administrator herself with the Norwalk, … Read More