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The Adventure of Entrepreneurship

While on the path toward purpose, many options can take you in unlimited directions plus the potential you see that hasn’t been created yet. Remember hula hoops, pool noodles, Pac-Man, smile faces, pet rocks, Cabbage Patch dolls, and hundreds of other “must haves” that became the latest craze in growing … Read More

A Curiosity Conversation

A reader asked, “How do you find out about a potential job environment if you don’t know anyone who works there?”  One suggestion is to arrange a “curiosity conversation,” which is similar to an informational interview. When you speak with someone who knows about an organization you are interested in, … Read More

Re-evaluating Your Job

This topic won’t quit. By 2021,  almost half of employees were considering taking new jobs or planning to leave. Have you noticed all the people who are quitting their jobs? Harvard Business Review (March, 2022) called it the “Great Resignation” or the “Great Rethink.“ Because of the pandemic, the world … Read More

Retain – Don’t Resign

According to Harvard Business Review writer, Ian Cook, there has been a global tidal wave of over 67 million resignations in the US, across US industries, which has continued from 2020 into 2022. Those who tend to resign are experienced, mid-level professionals, with training, up-to-date skill sets or younger workers … Read More

Healthy Humor Heals

Meet Karen McCarty, Co-founder and Artistic Director of Healthy Humor, a comedy group of doctor- clowns who cheer up sick children in hospitals around the country.  Karen grew up in the circus, and as a child she suffered cancer, which later informed her career choice of reaching out to sick … Read More

Building a Workplace that Hums

THE CHANGING WORKPLACE The workplace has altered in the past two years as never experienced in the recent decades. Applying for a job is more impersonal than ever before. For example, applications now follow an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and even many job interviews are conducted remotely using Zoom technology, … Read More

Working Remotely – Is It For You?

In the latter half of 2021, 45% of full-time employees continued to work from home while 20% worked at home part-time (Gallup 2022).   Two thirds (67%) of employees who held white-collar jobs worked at home exclusively. Remote working continues to grow allowing workers to live their purposeful lifestyle involving home, … Read More


An opportunity For Virtual Travel from Home What does a travel professional with 40 years of experience do when the pandemic has bought travel to an abrupt stop?  Susan Black, a travel expert, has created a solution. Susan is an accomplished entrepreneur who provides senior management, eCommerce, customer experiences and … Read More

The Joy of Baking Biscotti

Meet Kathleen Bellicchi, who started a family-owned and-operated business with Eric, her husband, a computer scientist. They continued enjoying their shared hobby of baking together when Eric was diagnosed with Alzheimers disease in 2007. After Eric died in 2012 Kathleen continued baking. Building a successful home food business can help … Read More

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