I’m Not Done Yet and You Shouldn’t Be Either

I’m Not Done Yet and You Shouldn’t Be Either

Cynthia Barnett is a Life Coach and educator with over 30 years of experience in educational environments. She has taught from kindergarten through university levels. Cynthia honed her vast skills from classroom management, innovative curriculum design, and through coaching students, parents, teachers, and administrators as administrator herself with the Norwalk, CT Public Schools.

Cynthia grew up on the island of St. Vincent in the Caribbean. She came to America with a dream to earn a doctorate in the field of Education. From an early age, she has distinguished between wanting a career rather than merely a job. To reach her goal, she had to take on many menial jobs to help support her family who lived together in a tiny New York apartment.

Eventually she married and reared three children, maintaining successive teaching and administrative posts. Simultaneously she studied and completed her doctorate.

Cynthia lived through the turmoil of the Civil Rights era. Her challenges as a black woman involved being accepted by a university, surviving divorce, dealing with prejudice, and facing head-on the struggles of being a minority female with a growing family.

As she neared the end of her career in education, she knew there was much more to accomplish.  Noticing a decline of girls enrolling in science and math courses, she founded Amazing Girls Science, which introduces girls in elementary school to STEAM: Science. Technology, Engineering, Art and Math.  In fun workshops, girls are awakened to the joys of science. They learn to build basic computers and working robots, among other fascinating projects.

Cynthia received the 2013 AARP Purpose Prize, awarded to adults over age fifty who “use their wisdom and experience to revitalize their lives and make the world a better place.”   Cynthia has become a leading authority on how to reignite and reinvent oneself. Dr. Cynthia wrote a book chronicling her experiences entitled “I’m Not Done Yet…And You Shouldn’t Be Either.”

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