Looking Out for #1

Looking Out for #1

We have all heard the quote “If it is to be, it is up to me” Attributed to several authors, no one is actually sure of its origin. For this purpose, the meaning is adapted from William H. Johnson (1901-1970), African-American painter. There is no evidence that he was the first person to say it; however, he is quoted as using it in numerous talks and explanations of his work and primitive style.

Drawing from a few hundred Pause for Purpose guests and participants over the past two years and substantiated by daily news, studies, guests share their stories of how they found their calling or came to pursue their current purpose.  Often, the seeds were planted far beyond a current job.

It is their expression of who they are and it comes from many different disciplines such as the arts, love of science, passion to find a cure for cancer, an advocate for causes such as improving mental health, well-being, and mindfulness.  Still others found a calling to launch a new company, serve a particular population, or work for an established organization whose values align with theirs.

Regardless of the elements they chose to find purpose, each followed their hearts that led them in vastly different directions.  And so is the task for you.

  1. List all the talents you possess and still enjoy using.
  2. Rank order your current interest for each talent and note which two or three bubble to the top.
  3. Determine fields where those top talents are most useful/needed.
  4. Target potential employers in those fields and launch your job campaign with them.

In the uncertain world around us, you may need to include several options so if one plan doesn’t work out, others can take its place. Change is constant and flexibility is a must. Hint, also keep your sense of humor close by.