Meet Michaela Fissel

Imagine your life spiraling out of control so that you have no idea what is happening to you or why things are so seriously wrong. Then you hit rock bottom. Meet Michaela Fissel.

Michaela is a recovery advocate and says more than likely if it weren’t for the recovery program, she would not be alive today. Due to her chaotic life of survival early in her teen and later years, she succumbed to life on drugs. From those habits, she experienced life on the street, homelessness, hunger, wandering, and always in search of her next fix or morsel of food. She slept on couches, under bridges, had no purpose in life other than to find her next fix or something to eat. The downward spiral continued until she found herself restrained and screaming in a hospital, at age 20, following a psychotic episode. She was finally diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder which, in fact, was a relief to know that help might be possible to turn her life around.

Michaela now helps those in recovery from mental disorders and shares her own poignant story at state, regional and national levels to promote mental health recovery services. She regularly advocates for change in policy, programming and organizational infrastructure. Michaela has researched and identified services that effectively assist young individuals to reach and sustain recovery, and has consulted on statewide behavioral health initiatives throughout CT.

Michaela Fissel now serves as Executive Director, Advocacy Unlimited in Windsor, Connecticut. she has completed research to identify services and supports that effectively assist a young person to reach and sustain recovery. She has consulted on statewide youth and young adult behavioral health initiatives sponsored by key agencies, advocacy organizations and universities throughout her home state of Connecticut.

Michaela’s story is heart wrenching which she shares to shine light on the power of recovery and how it led her to not only a purposeful life, a new beginning, but also to help others find their way as well.