In this day and age, travel has become more difficult for some people.  However, there are vicarious ways to get out of your armchair metaphorically.

Here are some tips:

  • Pull out boxes of old photos from trips. As you sort them and toss out duplicates, bad exposures, or people you don’t recognize, you will find yourself automatically reminiscing.  You are, in a sense, time-traveling. You might refresh the trip by creating a new album or digitizing the images. By the way, this is great fodder for you scrapbookers and collage creators out there.
  • Consult travel books, AAA travel, your local library, or Google a desired destination.
  • Choose a movie to watch that was filmed in the location you wish to visit. Don’t neglect foreign films. Many libraries have a huge selection and most are free.
  • Host a small vacation-based theme dinner party at home. Determine where you would like to visit; plan a meal with that destination in mind (Viva Italia; An evening in Paris; Downeast Clambake, etc.) Divide planning chores, get guests involved in the planning. Consider expanding ambiance and festivities to include dress in regional attire, ask guests to bring music or artifacts from the region;  host a singalong, options are limitless.
  • Plan a Zoom dinner party based on an adventure theme that appeals to you or a vacation destination where you want to travel.
  • Susan Black created another virtual solution for surrogate travel via Zoom. Wowzitude provides over 50 trips anyone can take from the comfort of home, and she provides the guides where you can interact via the chatbox feature! Visit her website at