RE-evaluating your Job

RE-evaluating your Job

This topic won’t quit. By 2021,  almost half of employees were considering taking new jobs or planning to leave. Have you noticed all the people who are quitting their jobs? Harvard Business Review (March, 2022) called it the “Great Resignation” or the “Great Rethink.“

Because of the pandemic, the world is looking at jobs in a new light. Working from home allowed many to rethink what is important to them. For those who don’t depend on the camaraderie and routine of going to the office, working from home and making their own schedule was a godsend. Yoga pants, relaxed schedule, and freedom from the commute was a welcome relief.

When it comes to company ethos and work ethic, employees are asking: Does my company treat employees fairly? Does it give back to the community? Does it care about professional development on the job?  Does it keep the workforce informed about company and industry trends? Employees today want to work at a job that is meaningful to them.

If you are dissatisfied at your job, what should you do? The simple answer is to rely on what you know to rethink your future.

Here are three tips to reevaluate your work situation:

  1. Can your sense of purpose be met at your job?  Do you feel respected and fulfilled?  If your co-workers, supervisor, company culture align with your purpose, it’s a good career fit. Otherwise, it may be time to look elsewhere.
  2. Realign your job parameters with your boss to carve new niches for yourself. Explore new ways to realign your duties internally with special projects, lateral move, downward to a department where you enjoyed the work,  rotational assignments,  others.
  3. Expand your skill sets to bring enhanced value to the organization or launch new initiatives that are needed such as a newsletter, community outreach, internal mentoring or special interest groups.

The bottom line is don’t feel stuck at your job. There is plenty of movement to explore with a dose of courage and imagination.