Tom Karl and R1 Learning

R1 Learning founder and president is Tom Karl, a business executive who started R1, a small education company, as the result of his personal experiences in addiction and recovery. The idea for the R1 Learning System and its Discovery Cards came to Tom when he noted, following a relapse, a lack of practical tools in addiction- treatment settings. R1’s purpose is to put impactful self-discovery tools into the hands of individuals in recovery, and to empower them to change their lives.
R1 Learning, which is used by the behavioral health and wellness industry. The System is a comprehensive, structured, and scalable library of tools that aids in substance use disorder/addiction, behavioral health and building life skills. Tools include decks of Discovery Cards that stimulate dialogue, mindfulness practices, career interests, affirmations, emotions and feelings. Other topics include recovery treatment options, pain management, stages of change, relapse triggers, and life skills such as promoting values, character, learning styles, financial stability, wellness, and home management. The many other modules address areas like relapse warning signs, consequences of addiction, recovery treatment options, and substance-use self-diagnosis. This system provides an interactive, personalized, hands-on approach to learning fundamentals for each topic through self-discovery and empowerment.
R1 Learning:

  1. Enables organizations and programs to deliver a standardized library of curricula through a consistent and repeatable process that maximizes the use of evidence-based practices and builds the foundation for measuring the impact of care.
  2. Engages, educates, and equips practitioners with tools and resources to increase their knowledge, skills, and effectiveness in fundamental behavioral health topics. The goal Is to deliver valuable programs to a wide range of populations. As a result, program users can express themselves more effectively and build the skills for change.

Tom Karl’s experience in learning/development and employee engagement, working with global companies, government agencies, and educational institutions, spans 25+ years. Tom is active in the recovery community and volunteers with patient-engagement programs.