Who Needs a Gym When You Have a Chair?

Who Needs a Gym When You Have a Chair?

Vivo is a breakthrough, interactive, online, strength-training fitness program designed for adults 55 and older to get stronger and healthier. Taught in small group classes on Zoom with a certified trainer, the focus is on building strength through stretching, balance, cognitive and resistance exercises. There is plenty of individual attention. One can sign up as a group with family or friends, creating your own virtual team. Or, one can join an already established group and meet one, two or three times weekly.

Guests are welcome to try a class for free. Trainers customize each class for the individual or group.

Eric Levitan, Duke University graduate, and founder/CEO of TeamVivo, noticed that his aging parents started to slow down. He began exercising with them and saw the positive difference that strength training offered to both of them. He left the corporate scene after working 25 years in leadership positions within technology and software. Eric’s new purpose is to help other older adults maximize their quality of life. Since his background included helping start-up technology companies, like Argo Systems (software firm for the television industry), develop and scale through strategic insight, operational efficiency, customer acquisition, and product innovations, he felt prepared to launch his newest venture, Team Vivo.

In addition to Vivo, Eric serves as an advisor to tech startups at the Atlanta Tech Village, sits on the School Governance Council for his daughters’ high school, mentors executive MBA students through CEO Netweavers, and serves on the Duke University Atlanta Regional Board.

Eric can be reached at www.teamvivo.com.