PURPOSE: What’s at stake? | Concerned about what’s next in your life?  Imagine shedding old habits and creating a new version of you. You are now in charge.

Join us to ask important questions, try on new ideas, empower yourself and explore with others asking similar questions about their sense of purpose.

Get inspired.  Get motivated to find and discover what brings you joy.

Does purpose have to be about finding a calling?

Is purpose aligned to making the world a better place?

why isn't my inner voice giving me clues?

Explore these provocative questions with like-minded peers. Hear from speakers and panelists who can ignite your inner purpose.

  • Hear from critically-acclaimed speakers who will share their discovery of purpose
  • Attend a session on advocacy, work that inspires, volunteering. Hear uplifting stories about good coming from tragedy, and explore elements of purpose for yourself.
  • Gain insights to develop your own sense of purpose
  • Spark ideas, join discussions, validate thoughts, meet like-minded professionals
  • Leave "My Future Purpose" with your own crystallized thoughts and possibly a written purpose statement